About Us

J K Sons is a well-known bullion trading company, dedicated to supply bullion (raw material form of gold & silver) to jewellery manufacturers and investors all over India. J K Sons offers all types of product available in gold & silver bullion. Our major traded product is imported gold bars in denomination of 100 Gms and 1 kg. We also trade in 1 kg Birla gold bars at both centers, Ahmedabad & Rajkot. We also supply 30 kg imported silver bars and local silver bars (chorsa) in customized quantity as required, with fineness of 99%. J K Sons never compromises quality of its products.

J K Sons was a partnership firm and a well settled family business shifted to corporate. J K Sons owns its state of the art mechanism of trade booking and delivery. J K Sons has maintained its growth ratio in-spite of crucial changes in government policies.

J K Sons has been working with mission to achieve tremendous volumes in the segment of merchandise bullion business while keeping its customer's satisfaction level at the best. Our vision is rising prices, involvement of technology and government policies will help the volumes and scale of profits in jewellery segment, rising continuously without any boundaries.